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doto one presents:

Alexander Jansen doto one director & fou

Alexander Jansen

Managing Director & Founder

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Trained as a pianist, a film score composer, an EMT and an experienced Agile Coach, Alexander applies his out-of-the-box thinking to help companies master change in a complex and competitive marketplace. He is a certified Scrum Master and has worked with hundreds of leaders around the world. He also holds a Masters degree in Computer Science.

Julie Prinz doto one founder partner

Julie Prinz

Founding partner

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As our in-house process expert, Julie’s methods combine Change Management, Design Thinking, SCRUM, systemic consultancy and PE training to help companies structure themselves for growth. A former product manager and management consultant, Julie also holds a Masters degree in International Economics.


Ashbee Wong

In-house expert:

Creativity and Brand

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With a background in art, design and visual communication, Ashbee has helped companies around the world create impactful and culturally-relevant brand identities and visual content. She is an avid illustrator and uses the same passion and creativity to help today’s business leaders connect, engage and resonate with their audiences.


Crystal Goh

In-house expert: Communication and

the Art of Influence

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With over a decade of experience in communications consultancy, Crystal has helped business leaders around the world use the power of communication to create value, shape reputation and build trust in a changing world. She holds a degree in Business Management with specialisms in Communications and Psychology.


Vera Ruttkowski

In-house Expert:

Productivity and Virtual Work

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A founder and business owner herself, Vera is our in-house expert in remote work and virtual teams, and a familiar face amongst Europe’s entrepreneurs and digital nomads. With her own virtual assistance business, she has years of experience helping leaders increase productivity and manage projects in a remote setting.

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